Hunch, a new type of knowledge base

Hunch is a knowledge base that helps people share complex ideas. It gives people the ability to represent their knowledge in a range of different ways and collaborate with others

Different types of knowledge

Hunch Note Screenshot
Hunch Note Screenshot

Knowledge can be ideas, questions, identified problems, references, and a lot more. Hunch enables new types of collaboration as people share their knowledge with others

Sharing a network of thought

Hunch Note Network Screenshot
Hunch Note Network Screenshot

Knowledge can be complex to share, so in Hunch people share their network of thought as it emerges rather that in a predefined structure

Check out the app

This videos below give you a quick walk through of some of the core mechanics of how Hunch works, and examples of what you can use it for

Try it out

Hunch is free to use for your first twenty notes to see if it is a good tool for your organisation